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Subject: Can I make an introduction?


Hey [NAME],

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I want to introduce you to my good friend Mike who just made his A.Q.S. system publicly available for the first time.

I’m sure you’ve heard about all of these young kids that are living the “laptop lifestyle”.

You may have wondered…

“How are all these kids able to travel the world working from their laptops and smartphones?”

They don’t have to clock into work everyday, report to annoying bosses, or deal with the headaches rush hour traffic.

When I first saw all these millennials making money without having to “work” it honestly kind of annoyed me…

But the truth is… I was just jealous.

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Subject: You may have missed it


Hey [NAME],

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Yesterday I sent you an email introducing you to my buddy Mike and his A.Q.S. system.

The A.Q.S. system is the little known secret that explains why you see so many millennials living the “laptop lifestyle”.

If you’ve ever wondered why young kids right out of highschool are able to travel the world working from their computers and smartphones…

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Maybe you’re happy with your current job and financial situation.

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Subject: Have you seen this?


Hey [NAME],

Have you seen the A.Q.S system yet?

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I always wondered how these “Digital Nomads” were able to earn a living without clocking into work every day, sitting through traffic, having to report to a boss…

It was actually quite frustrating seeing all these kids making so much money, when I felt like they really didn’t deserve it.

I realize now that I was just jealous of the freedom they had.

It’s easy to admit that now that I have the same freedom.

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Talk soon,

Promo Email #4

Subject: Now Hiring


Hey [NAME],

Have you noticed that grocery stores, restaurants, and retail stores (among other things) seem to close earlier than they did a few years ago?

Here’s why [LINK]

Even though the pandemic lockdowns ended quite some time ago, many stores have still not returned to normal business hours.

Have you ever asked yourself why that is?
When the world shut down and people were forced to stay home from work, they were also forced to do something else…

Figure out how to keep paying the bills

And MANY of them succeeded.

They figured out another way to earn a living that made them happier and more fulfilled…

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So if you’re not happy with your current job or financial situation…

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You’ll be glad you did.


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Promo Email #5

Subject: It’s this simple


Hey [NAME],

What would your life be like if you had complete freedom to earn $3-6K month wherever you want, whenever you want?

No annoying boss…

No set schedule…

Nobody telling you what to do, and when and where to do it…

What would that be like?

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I did.

It’s just that darn simple.

Talk soon,

Promo Email #6

Subject: Job Hunt


Hey [NAME],

Are you looking for a flexible position that allows you to take time off whenever you need it?

Would you like the ability to work remotely, so you don’t have to commute?

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P.S. - If you have any questions, simply reply to this email.

Promo Email #7

Subject: Amazon, Wal-mart, and Target


Hey [NAME],

Did you know that multi-billion dollar corporations like Amazon, Wal-mart, and Target are paying people like you to work remotely?

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All you need is a laptop (or smartphone) and an Internet connection and you qualify to start earning $3-6K per month.

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Promo Email #8

Subject: It’s not gonna happen


Hey [NAME],

It’s not happening.

You want to ditch your 9-5?

…be your own boss

…work from anywhere

…make your own schedule?

None of that is ever going to happen until you take the first step and learn a proven system that you can follow step by step to become free of the “rat race” [LINK]

Be honest here.

Have you seen others working from their laptops without having to clock into work every day?

Maybe you know them personally… maybe you’ve seen them on the news or on social media.

People just like you are ditching their 9-5s and achieving REAL freedom.

If that’s something you want, it’s time to take the leap…

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